Area of Expertise

Breach of Contract Claims


In a breach of contract claim, a plaintiff alleges that the terms of a written or oral contractual agreement have been breached by a defendant.  A plaintiff may seek to recover financial losses as a result of such alleged breach in order to place the plaintiff in the same position that they would have been in had the contract been fulfilled.

Just as contractual arrangements abound in all sorts of business contexts - employment agreements, contracts to provide goods or services, construction contracts, and purchase and sale agreements to name just a few – so too do allegations of breaches of such contracts. 

CHS has been involved in countless breach of contract cases across many industries, contexts and jurisdictions.  Based on our experience, what is critical in such breach of contract cases is a comprehensive understanding of the terms of the contract – what was agreed upon – as well as what the potential exit clauses may have been.  When modeling the “but for” scenario – what would have happened had the contract been fulfilled – one may have to take into account economic trends, critical inputs such as pricing of sales and supplies, adjustments for external factors/changes and adjustments for risk.  The determination of such inputs and the time period of loss could have a significant impact on the quantum of loss.  We pride ourselves on our ability to dig into such details and prepare logical and commercially reasonable breach of contract reports.  Our principals have credibly testified in numerous breach of contract claims.