Area of Expertise

Real Estate Development Disputes


Real estate development involves big dollars. In today’s environment, moving a development through the various approval stages and eventually selling serviced lots can be both very fulfilling and very profitable.  Unfortunately, along with high potential profits come high stakes for litigation between development partners, family members and/or service providers.  Disputes amongst these different parties can be complicated, timely and expensive, as well as extremely stressful and effort consuming. 

Real estate development involves many different participants, including investors, family members, planners, financiers, engineers, sales people, construction partners, designers and champions with a long-term outlook.  Given the number of participants and time period to complete a development project, disputes often arise.

CHS has been involved in many of Canada’s largest and most complicated real estate development disputes.  Our involvement has included business valuations of en bloc and minority ownership positions, development of but-for scenarios for failed or delayed projects, vetting of cost overruns, costing of design errors and omissions and calculations of profits, real and anticipated.  Our analysis includes working with Counsel as the quarterback of a team of real estate, appraisal, construction and financial experts.  Our work culminates with the preparation of an expert’s report setting out our analysis and opinions, and testifying at legal proceedings if necessary.  Our many years of experience make us ideal to assist in these types of matters.