Aerospace and Defense


Canada has a long history as a leader in the global aerospace and defense sector.  Companies in this sector manufacture, design and maintain aircraft and component parts, including aviation communications and information systems.  Canada also has deep expertise in space robotics, earth observation systems and communication satellites. The aerospace manufacturing industry leads Canadian manufacturing industries in R&D investment, with close to $1 billion in annual R&D spending.  The sector is heavily dependent on the export market – in 2019, Canadian aerospace manufacturers exported 70% of production to over 195 countries.  While the aerospace and defense sector’s international focus and continuing need for cutting edge technology provide many opportunities for Canadian companies, these same factors mean companies are sensitive to global geopolitical events and supply chain risk.

CHS has extensive expertise analyzing revenues, costs, profits, and value of companies in the aerospace and defense sector.  We have provided numerous expert reports on the assessment of economic damages in complex breach of contract cases and have provided expert testimony at trial and in international arbitrations.