Canada’s ubiquitous retail sector, which encompasses everything from multi-national chains to local stores, touches the lives of all Canadians. However, retailers face constant pressures including upheaval relating to online shopping, the recent global pandemic, fluctuating consumer demand, inventory and labour disruptions, and the threat of bankruptcy.  When disputes arise, having financial and accounting experts that are versed in the challenges facing retailers is a key to success.

CHS has extensive experience in the retail industry.  Our assignments have entailed major damages quantifications in post-acquisition disputes, breach of contract cases and expropriation matters, as well as Competition Act investigations and business valuations for buyouts and shareholder disputes.  In one significant case heard in Delaware, USA that pitted foreign vendors against purchasers in the sale of a major retailer, CHS was retained as a Canadian consulting expert.  This case considered accounting rules, inventory values, and loyalty program liabilities, and was decided in our client’s favour.