The legalization of cannabis for recreational use in Canada in October 2017 resulted in the proliferation of a variety of new companies operating in the cannabis supply chain including cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, transporters, and retailers, as well as service providers to these businesses.  Since legalization, the cannabis industry has had its difficulties and due to these challenges and the start-up nature of the industry, there has been considerable litigation involving cannabis-related companies.  Such litigation has included breach of contract claims, shareholder disputes, class actions, patent infringement claims, and other disputes.  It is anticipated that there will continue to be significant litigation in this industry going forward. 

CHS has vast experience in breach of contract cases, shareholder disputes, class actions, and patent infringement cases, among other types of litigation, and has the expertise and experience to assist in the quantification of losses of a cannabis-related company and/or to value a cannabis-related company.