Real Estate


Real estate values have exploded in Canada, particularly in major cities across the country.  The increase in values has led to an increase in related disputes.  Land development, including zoning, subdivision planning and servicing is expanding as city populations grow due to significant immigration to Canada.  New home construction - low rise and high rise – is booming, limited only by the availability of materials and skilled labour.

CHS has been retained to assist in numerous real estate related disputes and transactions including shareholder, co-tenant and joint venture partner disputes and buyouts. We have assisted Counsel in determining damages resulting from agreement terms breaches, cost overruns and design errors, calculating purchase prices for related party buyouts, assisting in structuring dissolutions and separations, as well as assisting in determining prices for “shotgun” triggering events.  We are well equipped to ensure proper consideration of contingent costs of disposition, including latent income taxes and other contingent liabilities.  We will often work closely with real estate appraisers, engineers, planners and quantity surveyors as part of a team.