Area of Expertise

Forensic Investigations


Conducting an effective forensic investigation requires thorough and thoughtful discipline to “follow the money”. Financial experts are needed to unpack the financial data and to assess the involvement of various parties to determine how the possible malfeasance was perpetrated and the dollars at risk.  Working in tandem with legal counsel and computer forensics teams, uncovering the financial facts will help determine whether the suspicions or allegations of financial wrongdoing result from a party's incompetence, mismanagement, negligence or fraud.

CHS has significant experience leading major forensic investigations including the successful conclusion of many cases at trial.  We uncover and document the financial scheme, the quantification of losses, and the recovery of assets via Mareva injunctions and Anton Piller orders.  Our financial reviews have encompassed various schemes pertaining to inflated assets and valuations, excessive expenses, colluding vendors, related party transactions at less than fair market value, diverted opportunities, financial statement misrepresentations, and others.  CHS indeed knows how to “follow the money”.