Hospitality and Food Services


The hospitality and food service industry consists of businesses that provide meals, entertainment and accommodation outside the home. Service providers in this industry range from small owner-operated businesses to multi-national chains.  Franchising is a common operating model throughout the industry.

The hospitality and food service industry is sensitive to economic conditions, with accommodation and full-service restaurants being particularly impacted by changes in per capital disposable income, consumer spending, and unemployment trends.  The industry as a whole was heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdowns, capacity limits and travel restrictions.  Hospitality and food service operators continue to face many challenges including staff shortages and increasing labour costs, general inflationary pressure, and the need to adapt historical business practices to address growing consumer awareness about environmental and social issues.

We have significant experience as financial experts in hospitality and food services industry disputes.  Our past mandates have included the quantification of lost profits due to the closure of a franchised full service restaurant, forensic investigation and damages quantification in the hospitality industry, and numerous valuations and damages quantification engagements involving restaurant and nightclub operators.