Alleged Breach of Gold and Silver Supply Agreement

Breach of contract matter in a private arbitration involving the quantification of damages incurred by the plaintiff due to the alleged breach of a gold and silver supply agreement.

Our work in this matter included identifying, collecting and analyzing the relevant financial documents, requesting documents from and drafting questions for the defendant, preparing expert reports and reply reports detailing our estimate of damages and comments on the opposing expert’s report, providing expert testimony during the arbitration, and assisting Counsel by providing suggested questions for the cross-examination of the opposing accounting expert.

This case involved many complex financial issues related specifically to the mining industry, including estimating future gold and silver production levels of the defendant and future gold and silver prices during the remainder of the term of the supply agreement.  The Arbitrator ultimately ruled that the supply agreement had not been breached, and as a result, did not make any determination of the plaintiff’s damages.

Level of Court