Technology, Media and Telecommunications


Technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) are fundamentally reshaping all aspects of society, including how we interact with one another, conduct business, and consume information.  Technology has evolved to encompass all areas of the economy and will continue to have great impact with further advancements in software, data analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and cloud-based computing.  Traditional media has been disrupted by new forms of digital content and entertainment that are more segmented and personalized, which has resulted in shifting consumer habits and new methods of advertising.  Telecommunications companies are investing heavily in network infrastructure needed to accommodate 5G wireless coverage and the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as a heightened emphasis on digital security. 

TMT companies are innovating at an ever-increasing rate and are amongst the fastest-growing and most competitive organizations in the world today.  However, as TMT’s products and services continue to advance and converge, the industry’s participants also face significant challenges in competing for capital, protecting their intellectual property and effectively dealing with increased regulatory scrutiny.

CHS has significant experience in assignments involving technology, media and communications, including the valuation of business interests and assessment of economic damages in intellectual property cases.