Gas Stations and Convenience Stores


Over the past decades, the number of retail gas stations in Canada has declined, while average output has increased significantly.  Today’s gas stations are larger and more efficient, and usually offer enhanced services such as a convenience store, car wash, and franchised food offering.  Because margins on the sale of gasoline are relatively low, many gas stations depend on the sale of these ancillary products and services.  The big oil companies have been divesting of their retail gas stations to major convenience store and retail gas companies.

CHS has extensive experience in estimating the business losses of gas stations/convenience stores and in valuing gas stations/convenience stores in connection with the expropriation of a portion or all of the property upon which they operate. These cases required us to distinguish between the property being expropriated and the gas station/convenience store business that was impacted or being valued, and we were also required to understand the various legal agreements impacting the gas station/convenience store operations including dealer/operator agreements, franchise agreements, and sublease agreements.