Financial Services


The scope of Canada’s financial sector is enormous and includes banks, credit unions, credit card issuers, payment processors, insurance companies, investment management, and others.  Canada’s strong financial services sector has garnered worldwide acclaim.  But, the aftermath of the 2008/09 credit crisis, current technologic disruptions, and the sheer scope of everyday high-value touchpoints have provided heightened demand for expert forensic accounting, damages quantification and business valuation assistance in financial disputes and investigations.

CHS has significant experience as financial experts for both plaintiffs and defendants in high-value and complex disputes and investigations.  Our mandates have included class actions involving undisclosed foreign exchange and service fees, the quantification of losses due to investment manager negligence, and forensic investigations into all manners of malfeasance involving cash and other financial instruments.  One of CHS’s significant cases heard at trial involved the quantification of losses from the failure of a financial institution that was in the billions of dollars.