Consumer Products


Consumer products are manufactured goods used primarily for personal, household, or other non-business use.  This umbrella term encompasses such diverse products as personal care and household products, processed food, and consumer electronics.  The consumer products sector is subject to government manufacturing regulation (particularly with respect to food and personal care products), and is sensitive to changing demographics and changes in consumer demand.  In recent years, the sector has benefitted from the use of artificial intelligence technology to improve manufacturing process efficiencies and increase productivity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to challenges for the sector ranging from supply chain issues to evolving distribution channels with the growing shift to e-commerce.  Looking to the future, the increasing focus by consumers and investors on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) factors will put pressure on many manufacturers to rethink their business practices so that they can remain successful.

CHS has broad experience in the consumer products sector.  Our past mandates have included the quantification of economic damages relating to a patent dispute between two multinational consumer product companies as well as several cases involving the quantification of economic damages resulting from alleged patent infringement by a sporting goods manufacturer.