Cana International Distributing Inc. v. Standard Innovation Corporation

2018 ONCA 145
Quantification of damages pursuant to alleged breach of various agreements involving the distribution of products in the adult sexual health and wellness industry.

CHS was retained by counsel for the Defendant, Standard Innovation Corporation (“SIC”), to review an expert report prepared by the Plaintiff’s expert with regard to the alleged breach of two distribution agreements and a third business arrangement.  We reviewed the relevant case information, the opposing expert’s report and prepared our own expert report with regard to Plaintiff’s alleged losses and the losses related to a counterclaim by the Defendants.  The case required significant analysis with regard to issues related to business valuation and evaluation of losses and involved numerous financial accounting forecasts and estimates.  Greg McEvoy testified at trial on this matter.

SIC was originally successful at trial but then a portion of the decision was overturned on appeal.  CHS was then asked to review and reply to a new report prepared by a new damages expert.  The matter subsequently settled.

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