Loss Quantification and Business Valuation Involving Pro Sports Teams

Damages quantification and business valuation assignments involving professional sports teams.

High-profile professional sports teams garner the additional interest and scrutiny of media and fans.  However, when disputes involving privately-held sports interests arise, there is a need for heightened discretion and objectivity.  Behind the win-loss records of the teams and the exploits of our favourite players are the bread-and-butter operations of the business that require detailed financial analysis.

CHS has been retained on several matters by Counsel for sports teams and their owners.  One major case involved alleged breaches of contract and resultant damages stemming from the move of a baseball team.  Another case involved the valuation of a hockey team and arena in a shareholder dispute.  The analyses in both cases involved the detailed financial investigations into the operations of the sports teams including broadcast, advertising and ticket revenues, player and operational costs, and discount rate assessments.

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