Area of Expertise

Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Claims


A serious personal injury, impairment or unfortunate death can have a devastating affect on an individual and family members.  Personal injury claims generally focus on who is liable for the accident and what are the damages.  Damages can include past and future losses of income and earning capacity, future costs of care and household and handyman costs, out-of-pocket expenses and pain and suffering.  The financial claims can be very complex.

CHS assists both plaintiffs and defendants with an objective and independent team of forensic professionals with the experience in the assessment and quantification of pecuniary losses in a professional and efficient manner.  We typically assist with the review and understanding of a claimant’s earning history and business records, compiling and assessing documentation and initial loss impacts, quantifying past and future losses, identifying and quantifying out-of-pocket costs incurred, and potential future costs for household and handyman services.  Our work product typically results in an expert report quantifying the financial losses.