Fintech aims to reform the traditional infrastructures of commerce by integrating sophisticated digital technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, with legacy financial services.  The fintech industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years as businesses seek faster and more efficient ways of interacting with their digitally minded customers.  As a result, the market has become increasingly crowded with new platforms providing digital currency, smart contracts, mobile products and next generation e-commerce applications. 

Adoption of fintech continues to accelerate as businesses recognize its significant potential to enhance and disrupt all aspects of their financial and logistical operations, including payment systems, banking, insurance and supply chain management.  As the industry continues to expand and evolve, it also faces mounting concerns regarding cybersecurity and exposure to vulnerabilities in fintech infrastructure. These dynamics naturally impact matters where the industry intersects with issues related to valuation and litigation. 

CHS has vast experience acting as financial experts in a wide variety of matters and are well-equipped to assist with assignments involving the valuation or assessment of damages of fintech enterprises.  Our valuation experience encompasses enterprises at all stages of growth and development, from start-ups to industry incumbents, and our litigation casework includes significant mandates involving breach of contract, shareholder disputes, class actions and intellectual property disputes, among other types of litigation.