Area of Expertise

Construction Disputes


In recent years, Canada has witnessed a significant increase in public infrastructure spending on projects such as roads, highways, sports venues, and power plants, as well as a boom in private commercial and residential construction.  Given the complexity of the various components, parties, timelines and resources involved, it is a reality that many construction projects cost more and take longer than originally budgeted.  In addition, there may be claims of misappropriation of funds, use of improper suppliers, and carrying out “add ons” that were not properly agreed upon.

CHS has been retained in numerous big-dollar and high profile construction disputes in various contexts, ranging from investigations of budget overruns to identify if add-ons/variations were properly authorized, investigations of financial improprieties and, and in conjunction with  other experts such as quantity surveyors, quantifying the impact of alleged improper cost overruns.  Our experience covers various industries, such as energy/power generation, public works, and residential and commercial construction.  Given the complexity of construction disputes, we pride ourselves on focusing on what is relevant and most significant financially and getting into the details as to what should have happened versus what actually transpired and why.