Listeriosis Investigative Review

Retained to assist the Independent Investigator and counsel to conduct the Independent Listeriosis Investigative Review, which was set up to examine the factors that contributed to the 2008 listeriosis outbreak. This was a tragic event that cost the lives of 22 Canadians and impacted other vulnerable individuals.

A CHS Principal was in charge of the forensic team engaged to assist the Independent Investigator. Greg oversaw all aspects of the engagement including managing the document management team and the investigative research team. He coordinated the investigative approach and attended all key meetings with the Listeriosis team including their legal counsel.

  • Our team of forensic investigators and technology experts collected and analyzed in excess of 5.8 million pages of documents. Key planning of appropriate infrastructure to handle and coordinate this information was required within an extremely tight timeframe.
  • Key word searches and topical searches were performed of the database for the purpose of identifying key questions for interviews, key documents for the investigation and to prepare a vital chronology.
  • Advise in the conduct of the investigation and assistance to the other team members as required. Response to numerous inquiries for information.
  • Undertook a comprehensive review of the epidemiological timeline of the outbreak, incorporating the timelines of the various agencies, departments and industries’ responses to the outbreak. Prepared a full and detailed chronology of how even unfolded leading up to, during and after the 2008 Listeriosis outbreak.

The Investigation found weaknesses in critical parts of the food safety system and provided recommendations for improvement.