Disturbance Damages Related to Expropriation of Gas Station and Convenience Store

Matter involving the quantification of disturbance damages (i.e. business losses and out-of-pockets expenses) due to the expropriation of lands from which a gas station and convenience store operated.

The owners of a combined gas station and convenience store had to reconfigure the location of these businesses on their property after a piece of their land was expropriated to build a new road. Both the expropriation and road construction had a negative impact on their existing businesses, but they also had had to delay plans to renovate the convenience store in the years leading up to the expropriation, which had been expected to significantly increase revenues. We were retained to quantify the owner’s business losses and significant out-of-pocket costs.

Our work included identifying, collecting and analyzing the relevant financial documents, discussions with the owners regarding the impact of the expropriation and related construction on the operations of the gas station and convenience store, assessing any betterment realized by the owners related to the building and acquisition of new assets, and preparing an expert report detailing our estimate of disturbance damages.  Our expert report was used as the foundation for a mediation, and the matter ultimately settled.