Quantifying Disturbance Damages Related to Expropriation of Plaza Lands

Matter involving the quantification of disturbance damages (i.e. rental losses and out-of-pockets expenses) due to the expropriation of lands from which a Plaza operates.

Our work in this matter included:

  • Identifying, collecting and analyzing the relevant financial documents.
  • Reviewing and analyzing lease agreements with the Plaza’s tenant.
  • Discussions with the Plaza’s management regarding the impact of the expropriation and related construction on the Plaza’s operations and the expected rental rates absent the expropriation.
  • Discussions with real estate appraiser to ensure our reports were based on consistent assumptions.
  • Preparing an expert report detailing our estimate of disturbance damages.

This case involved financial issues related specifically to rental properties, including understanding the terms of lease agreements (e.g. base and additional rent, renewal options, rent escalations, common area charges) and estimating vacancy rates.  This matter ultimately settled after CHS issued its report.