Oppression Case Involving Engineering Consulting Firm

Oppression matter involving valuation of shares of a privately held engineering consulting company at two different valuation dates and critique of an opposing expert’s valuations.

Our work in this matter included:

  • Identifying, collecting and analyzing the relevant financial documents.
  • Conducting meetings with representatives of the company to discuss its historical and expected future operating results and questions regarding its financial information.
  • Developing a valuation model, including reviewing transactions and trading multiples related to somewhat comparable companies.
  • Preparing an expert report detailing our valuation calculations and commenting on the opposing expert’s report.  

This case involved many complex financial issues related specifically to the engineering consulting industry, including review of backlog at the valuation dates and estimating contingent liabilities related to ongoing litigation, as well as non-industry specific issues such as minority discounts and the allocation of value to different classes of shares.  The matter ultimately settled.

Level of Court