Bauer Hockey Ltd. v. CCM Hockey

2020 FC 624
Intellectual property dispute in Federal Court involving an accounting of profits earned by CCM from the alleged infringement of a Bauer patent related to hockey skates.

This action involved two well-known hockey equipment manufacturers, in which Bauer sued CCM for alleged infringement of its patent relating to the “quarter” component of ice hockey skates (Canadian patent No. 2,214,748).  CHS was retained by Bauer’s Counsel to assist with the financial aspects of the case and to prepare an expert report quantifying both Bauer’s potential damages as well as an accounting of profits earned by CCM resulting from the alleged infringement of Bauer’s patent.

Our work in the matter included identifying, collecting and analyzing the relevant financial documents, assisting with examinations for discovery and related motions, preparing expert reports and accounting schedules detailing our opinion, and providing testimony at trial in the Federal Court.  Although the case featured many complex and noteworthy financial issues, the Court ruled that Bauer’s patent was invalid and dismissed its claim, and as a result, did not make any determination of the remedies sought by Bauer.

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