Family Law Dispute Involving Tracing of Gifts and Inheritances During Marriage

Tracing of gifts and inheritances received during marriage to assets held at the separation date for determining required equalization payment and value of excluded property.

CHS was retained to identify and trace multiple inheritances and gifts of cash and investments received by our client to assets held at the separation date.

Our tracing analysis required us to identify and review supporting documentation to confirm details of the initial assets and payments received, as well as review in detail in excess of 10 years of investment account statements.  We were required to trace transactions into and between numerous corporate entities and personal accounts.

Our analysis was difficult and complicated by incomplete records, and the comingling of potentially excluding assets with other investments.  Given these limitations, we had to develop a sound tracing methodology supported by reasonable assumptions.  We considered and presented numerous strategies to be applied in determining the tracing of funds.

This matter settled in mediation.